And, Also, Palin

We thought the word “mavericks” dominated the debate. I enjoyed the many maverick references FriendFeeders dug up. It’s tough to say who’s cuter, Sarah Palin, Tom Cruise in Top Gun, or that awkward Ford that knew it could. There, however, was another word lurking in every nook and cranny…

There’s been a ton of fun with Palin’s words. From mad libs to sentence diagrams only an English teacher is mad enough to map out. If you missed the clips from the Couric interview, it looked something like this:

*Biden’s Wordle is available here.

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New Theme Song for the New James Bond

Have you heard the new Bond theme? You either love Jack White or don’t know what you’re missing so I encourage to give this a chance. I only recently saw Casino Royale and was completely blown away by the new bad ass quotient.

I think this theme song might be perfect for the new James Bond.