Democratic Debate in L.A.: ZOW-BAMA

The tide turned tonight. Two candidates walked into the Kodak Theater with a star-studded audience. One of them walked away looking like the next leader of the land of the free. Check out Wonkosphere to see who catches the buzz but a quick trip across the interwebs suggests this was a big night for Obama:

On the Wall Street Journal’s “Washington Wire,” 75% of the voters declared Obama the winner. My favorite comment posted there:

I was undecided until this debate. Obama sounded more decisive, more intelligent and more interested. Comment by Voter January 31, 2008 at 10:15 pm

One of Obama’s strongest moments occurred during the discussion of Iraq. If he walked on the stage with the objective of emphasizing his strength in a match up against John McCain, he executed that plan brilliantly. He asserted the clear contrast in his position as someone who never supported military action in Iraq against that of a candidate who now comfortably discusses being committed in Iraq for 100 years.

Obama didn’t let the moment pass without addressing his Democratic opponent, however, and Ben Smith does a fair job of catching the transcript at Politico:

His [Obama’s] trump card is his vote against the war, and he’s moved toward a new argument for why it’s relevant.

“I think I will be the Dem who will be most effective in going up a John McCain…because I will offer a clear contrast,” he says. “I don’t want to just end the war, I want to end the mindset that got us into war in the first place.”

Clinton, then, is pressed to revisit her own vote…again….calling it “sincere.”

Marc Ambinder shares his first thoughts on the debate. Ready to declare the evening a draw, he can’t resist the power of Obama’s strong start or his answer on Iraq:

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What We Do with Words

A fortune cookie writer phoned it in with the message delivered with my dinner this evening. When looking for something clever and maybe even a little provocative, is there anything worse than a lame fortune wrapped up in a stale cookie?

The fortune tonight read, “You will be involved in a social activity.” Good thing they didn’t deliver it with an order for one! And this worthless collection of words inspired tonight’s word-centric post.

Good Morning Silicon Valley tipped me off to this wry blog celebrating passive aggressive notes. If you’ve ever lost a condiment to the once an eternity clean out of the office refrigerator, you have to see the “dialogue” that broke out over a bottle of salad dressing. Everyone had to leave their own note on the fridge.

And, I’m sure you didn’t think we could let the State of the Union slip by without some sort of snark. What better display of wordsmithing? One company has focused on the most influential words of President Bush’s addresses and revealed “Four Bushes.” If that isn’t too terrifying a proposition, check out the post on Slate and see what last night’s words say about the legacy Bush is trying to craft.

There are several words I’d use to describe my various dispositions watching the speech…unaffected, disbelief, baffled…oh, and fired up! ready to go!


Dem Debate Prompts Panic Signal

Remember the panic signal from Team America? Just wave your arms like this…

Trying to manage a wacky field of too many Democrats for the debate tonight, Wolf Blitzer kept asking participants to raise their hand IF…<insert impossibly simplistic version of an issue in the form of a question here>. The good news is that the field of three serious candidates at center stage, called Blitzer on the ridiculous nature of such questions.

The debate over this style of question, however, caught many candidates with their hands in the air, then quickly down, then somewhere in the middle while assessing their neighbor’s position, and then flailing about to illustrate their point. It looked like the panic signal.

Or maybe that was just me…

Daily Kos and Burnt Orange Report readers posting throughout the debate managed to find a new consensus this evening…they wished anyone but Wolf Blitzer was moderating the event. Another favorite post declared Al Gore the winner of the evening.

Yeah, he wasn’t there but that didn’t keep him from looking good.


Forgive the silence of the past few days. Family health issues arose and it’s hard to snark when mortality reminders crowd your brain. Besides, yesterday was September 11; I’m assuming you spent the day glued to the television to remind yourself how horrible you felt five years ago.

My writing is a bit rusty at the moment and I could use a laugh, so here are some guffaw-worthy comments from the bloglands.

You might have heard about Clay Aiken’s appointment as head of a panel on mental disabilities for the President. What you likely didn’t hear was Wonkette’s take on it.

“…we wish him success … not musical success, because he sucks, but some kind of vague success. Like not drowning or whatever. We hope he does not drown.”

In my Desperate Housewives-watching days, I loved Eva Longoria. Then she started showing up at the opening of every envelope and I began to shiver at the sight of her. So Defamer’s estimation of her future career prospects is particularly pleasing to me.

“…we have a feeling that once Housewives‘ last episode wraps and her agent delicately offers her the choice of playing the “older love interest” on a midseason Freddie Prinze, Jr. sitcom or slowing starving to death in a series of houses of declining square footage in the Valley, she’ll quickly rediscover her love for the medium.”

Best headline of the day goes to my favorite blogger Michelle at Best Week Ever for “Dakota Fanning Has Grown! Insanely Creepy!” Check out the fashion shoot she did for Teen Vogue and see if you can spot “the flat, hollowed out stare of a feral child.”

TSA Restrictions Revised

No wonder Chertoff wouldn’t comment on this on Meet the Press this Sunday. It was essential to get the wording right:


Thanks to Luke at Terminally Incoherent for a good laugh today!

And, take a couple of minutes to send a friend your own personalized Snakes on a Plane message.

Bloggyness in the Blog Tubes

When life gets you down, there’s nothing like a trip through the good ole’ series of tubes to put a spring back in your step.

Rupert Murdoch gets a dig in at the gay-type folk, making a stand for solid hetero family values. Gawker politely rebuts. “The twice-divorced Murdoch, whose three wives have borne him a total of six children, is responsible for such other contributions to our civilization as ‘Temptation Island,’ ‘The Littlest Groom,’ and ‘Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy.'”

“We were somewhere around Barstow when the stem cells began to take hold.” Wonkette accomplishes the seemingly impossible, comparing White House toadie spokesman Tony Snow to Hunter S. Thompson.

I’m not usually one for poetry, much less centered on celebrity mothers, but any ode with “ho bags” in it deserve our attention. Mamarazzi

Bloggyness: I’m wasting my life

Fridays are tailor-made for lolling about in the fluffy pillows of the World Wide Web.

Best fake name: Rep. Creepy McOld (R-Mustacheville). We should always always be informed when our elected officials stand next to pictures of fallopian tubes. Always. (Wonkette)

I'd hate to rip off the geniuses at Fug but this picture makes me want to start an entire series devoted to god-awful clothing. Something must done about this woman. The mere sight of her is beginning to eat away at my soul.

Watch a Dell laptop explode. Suddenly notice the heat of your own laptop as you type. Ponder whether you want your last act to be typing snark on a blog no one is reading. Close laptop. Go outside and reintroduce yourself to the world.