And, Also, Palin

We thought the word “mavericks” dominated the debate. I enjoyed the many maverick references FriendFeeders dug up. It’s tough to say who’s cuter, Sarah Palin, Tom Cruise in Top Gun, or that awkward Ford that knew it could. There, however, was another word lurking in every nook and cranny…

There’s been a ton of fun with Palin’s words. From mad libs to sentence diagrams only an English teacher is mad enough to map out. If you missed the clips from the Couric interview, it looked something like this:

*Biden’s Wordle is available here.

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I know it’s been far too long. Our two ardent readers let us know they missed us and for that, we thank them. So what hot-button issue dragged me back from the techmines (deep caverns where silicon and hot air are found in abundance)? Oh what do you think? It starts with a P and ends with an embarrassing McGovern-style withdrawal buried in a Saturday morning news cycle. As a blog that deals heavily in sharp women around the world, we’d be remiss not to address the candidate everyone’s talking about.

The core issue here, even more so with McCain’s advanced age and cancer history, is whether we want Gov. Palin to run our country. I’ve always found it odd, by the way, that such a vital position in our government is *not* left up to the voters; that it’s essentially determined by a team of lawyers and political strategists. But that’s what we’re stuck with for the moment, so let’s work with it. McCain’s team (and it’s known now that McCain wanted Lieberman instead) chose Palin for many reasons, some smart and some not so smart. Read the rest of this entry »

Hope Rhymes

NY Times blog, The Caucus, included just a short note on Ted Sorenson, once Kennedy’s speech writer. On a book signing tour, Mr. Sorenson responded with poetry when asked to compare Senator Obama and President Kennedy.

From a Seamus Heaney poem, “The Cure at Troy”:

History says, Don’t hope
On this side of the grave.
But then, once in a lifetime
The longed-for tidal wave
Of justice can rise up
And hope and history rhyme

Sorenson added one final thought, ““I’ve seen it two times in my lifetime.”

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Reagan’s Wit and Occasional Wisdom

Citing President Lincoln’s quip, “If I didn’t laugh, I couldn’t stay in this job 15 minutes,” President Reagan used his own political wit to great effect. Some of his remarks are even funnier in retrospect. Don’t miss the line about the Taxpayers’ American Express card the big spenders never leave home without. Would he be talking about his own party today?

With all the recent talk about votes who want change, both in policies and in their pockets, I’d like to get that credit card back in my wallet! I’d also like to cut up the card that’s keeping Hillary’s campaign going!

My Thirty Cents on the Gas Tax

Hillary is trying to buy votes at the cost of $.30 a day by repealing the federal gas tax. That’s an annual price tag of $28 she has put on her desperate campaign and it’s an idea running on empty.

This sorely underestimates the intelligence of the voting public as well. Who believes oil companies will pay the gas tax reinvented as a windfall profit tax without raising the price at the pump? There’s nothing prohibiting the oil companies from adjusting their price after the government adjusts their costs. And, there are just a few of us who remember the gas lines the last time Congress tried to fix the price of gas.

On ABC’s This Week today, Hillary said she doesn’t need an economist’s approval to know this is an idea that works for working Americans. This is more governing from the gut directed towards earning the allusive political capital she thought she had in the bag. I’d like to hear the new ideas experts believe could work for all of us, something that works for the next three months and the next three years.

Hillary’s proposal isn’t just about the short term as she insisted. It’s simply short sighted. This proposed holiday will put a few extra pennies in the average American’s pockets for a few days but that change will continue to do less and less for us without real solutions.

She can keep my thirty cents because I want more. I want 50 mpg to be the norm the next time I shop for a car and I want a concern about global warming to drive government decision making like it drives my decisions at home. Is it hard? yes. Is it more expensive? Yes. But I believe I’m worth it and protecting our future quality of life is more important than empty rhetoric about punishing the oil companies.

This isn’t their problem, it’s ours. They’re the suppliers and we’re the addicts and those roles will persist until we do something to break that addiction. We don’t need a price break. We need an intervention.

PA Results Still a Losing Proposition for Clinton

Watching PA results this evening. I have to admit I’m disappointed it wasn’t closer but it’s still a clear testimony to the strength of Obama’s candidacy. He was behind by double digits just a week ago. The days since then have included many swipes by the Clintonistas, and Senator Obama provided an opportunity with his careless remarks about rural voters.

PA was Clinton’s to run with from here to the convention but she can’t do it despite miserable media for Obama. She doesn’t even have the kitchen sink left for the next two weeks and is millions of dollars in debt. And, what about those pesky math problems?

Chuck Todd reported Clinton would need to win more than 80% of the vote in the remaining primary states to walk into the convention with the competitive tone she has imagined. In everyone else’s book that equation works out to a zero chance of winning the nomnination.

A tight Obama win in IN and maintaining a double digit win in NC should take care of it, even for those who believe math is open to debate.

A 3 A.M. Smackdown and No More Debate

David Brooks started it on Meet the Press this Sunday. He suggested we’re all tired of the debates and he has never been so right. He then questioned why we use this model for selecting a president. When the phone rings at 3 A.M. will it be a national security crises or another question from the media determined to draw blood?

His proposal was war games. With the next debate on ice, perhaps we can consider this alternative.

Lock the presidential candidate and a team of advisers in a make-believe bunker. Saudi Arabia has military vehicles in motion and appears to be preparing to fire a nuclear weapon at Israel. What do you do? Have the writing team for West Wing provide the responses to the candidates’ proposed actions. Who launches our military firepower the fastest and what steps do they take first?

That might tell you something that matters about the would-be President.

Whatever you thought of the moderators last week, does anyone really want to listen to another 20 minute discussion about universal healthcare with and without mandates? Plenty of people are watching this primary who have never watched before and we’re all tired of the nuanced arguments that make a negative ad positive. This is politics as a spectator sport and the spectators are bored.

Let’s give them something to see…What should replace any remaining debates?

A reality TV show where candidates are charged with growing a financial investment or charitable contribution? Don’t forget the popular vote by phone or text at the end of each episode!

A smackdown in the wrestling ring with silly slogans and threats tossed at opponents?

A monster car event with a fire breathing robosaurus whatever his opponent would be?

A NASCAR race? Ask the candidate to explain the winning strategy in terms of balancing resources and maintaining position to win.