I know it’s been far too long. Our two ardent readers let us know they missed us and for that, we thank them. So what hot-button issue dragged me back from the techmines (deep caverns where silicon and hot air are found in abundance)? Oh what do you think? It starts with a P and ends with an embarrassing McGovern-style withdrawal buried in a Saturday morning news cycle. As a blog that deals heavily in sharp women around the world, we’d be remiss not to address the candidate everyone’s talking about.

The core issue here, even more so with McCain’s advanced age and cancer history, is whether we want Gov. Palin to run our country. I’ve always found it odd, by the way, that such a vital position in our government is *not* left up to the voters; that it’s essentially determined by a team of lawyers and political strategists. But that’s what we’re stuck with for the moment, so let’s work with it. McCain’s team (and it’s known now that McCain wanted Lieberman instead) chose Palin for many reasons, some smart and some not so smart. Read the rest of this entry »